The Office of Research and Commercialization (ORC) Conflict of Interest (COI) unit reports administratively to the ORC Director of Compliance.  Our office coordinates, facilitates, and implements compliance efforts established by the University in order to meet federal, state and university regulations relating to potential COI and/or conflicts of commitment (COC) in research.

Core Functions:

The Office of Research and Commercialization reviews COI associated with research. For non-research COI, contact University Compliance, Ethics, and Risk and/or your unit administrator.

Conflict of Interest:

Conflict of Interest (COI) means a divergence between an individual’s private interests and his or her employment obligations to the university such that an independent observer may reasonably question whether the individual’s actions or decisions are influenced or determined by considerations other than the best interest of the university.

Under Florida State statute the potential conflict is between the faculty member’s private financial interests and their public responsibilities to the State. State statutes are based on the principle that state employees should not engage in business transactions or professional activity; or incur any obligations which is in conflict with their duties in the public interest.

Examples of Outside Entity Roles/Financial Interests Requiring Disclosure: