Florida statutes do not allow a University employee to have a contractual, employment or financial relationship with a company that is doing business with the University. An Exemption for transactions or relationships pursuant to sponsored research and technology transfer may be granted upon full disclosure and approval by authorized University officials (President and the Board of Trustees Chair).

NOTE: Without an approved Exemption, you may not accept sponsored research commitments, contracts, or awards or execute an option/license agreement between UCF and your outside entity.

Once you receive approval from the Board of Trustees, the Exemption for the requested transaction(s) is valid for 5 years with required annual updates to the Monitoring Plan.

Request a Financial Conflict of Interest Exemption

  1. Disclose activity under Q9 of the AA-21 COI Disclosure.
  2. Submit a COI Monitoring Plan and Exemption form once reviewer identifies the activity as a conflict.

You may also download and complete the COI Monitoring Plan and Exemption form and email it to coi@ucf.edu to request preliminary review or for assistance in facilitating the review process.